Setting Eve Straight (Or Trying To)…

[Eve] Eve spends time at the caern because it’s one of the few places she can comfortably spend time in her breed form. She likes it. It’s comfortable. It’s one of the few places she can loiter as a giant, war-formed beast and not feel as though she should be ashamed of it.

She should be ashamed of it, though, because she’s metis. She’s a living embodiment of the sins of another. Then again, Eve’s also a Bone Gnawer- as such, she simply doesn’t give a fuck. Being in crinos at the caern means she’s not breaking the Veil and she’s not going to get her ass kicked.

The Bone Gnawer is at the shrines, paying heed to Rat in particular with a bag of M&M’s. She picks out the green ones and leaves them at the base of the cardboard palace. One by one, the candies line up in front of the shrine. She leaves a construction paper picture. She does it all so incredibly carefully that it seems almost wrong. Something that strong being that careful with things so painfully delicate.

We don’t digress; we open the scene at the shrines in the caern. Child of Rat lingering on stage right.

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] The Strider, on the other hand, doesn’t spend as much time at the Caern as others. Not to say she never visits; far from it. But she generally has other things on her plate. Crazy half-sister, pack members dying or heading to California, crazy half-sister…oh, we mentioned that already, didn’t we? Yes, we did. And by ‘we,’ we mean you. Well, it’s a lot of her time. You’d think it’s be the psycho’s problem now. It isn’t like she doesn’t care about her because she’s mated. Still. Oh, hush.

At any rate, today she does find herself in the caern, walking through the shrines. She is making her way to Perun’s shrine…that of her pack. Along the way she pauses as she senses someone else, and her eyes turn to Eve. Sarita hasn’t really talked to Eve much, and her last experience was…quite an impression. So a brief frown crosses her expression, before it evens out and she nods to the Philodox.

“Hey, chica.”

[Eve] She looks at the shrine, and she pays close attention to it. It’s her moon in the sky and there is an awkward amount of serenity there, despite being… well, now. Eve’s not out of control. Far from it. Something about her tells an important story, told all in the way she’s failing to crush tiny, candy-coated chocolate when she puts it down.

She looks at Sarita. She looks hungry. Eve always looks hungry, though, she’s a Bone Gnawer. Not emaciated, just… thin enough that she might not have qualms taking a chunk out of whatever is thrown her way. Living. Dead. Food. Other.

It takes effort, but she shifts down to homid. A brief flash of rage and she snaps to homid in much the same way others snap to crinos.

“Hey,” she doesn’t seem to be too good at words, either. She shifts through the bag, and she seems content for now. She’s out of green ones.

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “How you doing?” She resists the urge to light up in here. There are some places that even the sometimes-chain smoking Strider won’t spread processed tobacco smoke, and the totem shrines is one of them. “You seem better than you were at the Gathering…”

It comes out, perhaps, flatter than she intended it. It was supposed to be a friendly tone, but…well. It just came out the slightest bit less so.

[Eve] “My rib cage is solid again. I can’t complain.”

Eve, however, does come across flat. When she stands, there’s details about her that are more easy to notice. the fact that she’s tall. The fact that she’s strong. The fact that she’s built like one of her packmates and still could stand to put on a few pounds. Eve doesn’t blink enough. That’s the most important thing. She doesnt’s eem to recognize that she needs to do it.

“Sorry about your kin,” she says as an afterthought, “that had to be hard on her.”

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] She takes a lean against a sturdy-looking tree, watching the other. Sarita is certainly not built like a warrior; she’s all litheness and curves. She clearly fits more of the Ragabash ideal…odd, perhaps, considering she led a charge alongside another No-Moon into battle just a couple days ago. But then, when your Galliard decides it’s time to fire off the pea shooter, everyone has to improvise.

“Don’t mean to sound a bit skeptical, and thanks for the words…” She tilts her head to the right, toward the tree. “But you really mean that? You an’ Joey weren’t exactly looking like you were pleased to see Amy.”

[Eve] “I wasn’t.”

Wow. That’s to the point.

“And I’m still not. What she did was genuinely cruel, but kinfolk are precious. I don’t wish bad things on her,” this is a real and sincere effort. The talking, that is. The putting of her feelings and thoughts into some verbalized form. She is nothing like a tree or a rock or anything of the sort. She’s just a philodox. One that will have no repute to her name and no great marks on society, save for a name she never carved.

“But I don’t have a right to be angry anymore.”

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] She frowns. “What do you think she did that was so cruel?” It’s short, and to the point. Sarita doesn’t understand this. Selfish, she gets. But cruel..does not compute.

[Eve] [you aren’t one for words. Cha+expression, diff 7]
Dice Rolled:[ 2 d10 ] 1, 9 (Success x 1 at target 7) [WP]

[Eve] Eve just looks at Sarita, it’s a look that’s half expectant, half frustrated, half appalled, half pained. No, more than half pained, but the fractions don’t add up. They come out as more than her brain can process and as more than she can actually articulate.

It’s all on her face, too. Eve’s an open book- there’s no benefit in deception.

“John and I are metis,” she says, “she came to him and was everything we’re not allowed to have. Even if they did love each other-” and god, that visibly pains Eve to say “-he wouldn’t have been allowed to keep her. It would have been a slap in Owl’s face. He knew that.”

She’s getting through this entire speech via force of will, it seems.

“And she should know that. But she comes back after he dies, and stands with some Shadow Lord I’ve never even seen… and keeps at his side… and leaves momentos and grieves like she has a right. Proof it’s all a joke.”

She takes a long time, and Eve swallows. Her eyes are closed because she’s trying, trying damnably hard at that, to get through her thoughts.

“We don’t get to keep something as precious as kinfolk. He left town with her. He left us for her. He sacrificed everything and comes back as a fucking zombie. And she can’t even have the decency to wait until his corpse is cold before moving on.”

She looks at Sarita, and Eve looks like she might start crying. Her eyes are watery, but she doesn’t even notice.

“That’s not love, that’s a joke. I’ll bet it was real fucking funny, too. She never should have made a move in the first place.”

Now that there’s silence, that us sounds a lot like me.

“It’s like showing a starving child food.”

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] She frowns as she listens. Her head tilts, considering what the Philodox has to say. After she’s done, Sarita nods.

“I understand what you’re saying Eve. But to be frank? You’re wrong. Amy was under my protection. Who she was involved with didn’t have anything to do with what Katherine would have said, or anyone else. Fuck’s sake, Hunter got me so worked up about the idea that Katherine would have strung John up that she made me forget that who Amy is with…that’s a Tribal matter. I’m the Strider Elder, and if they hadn’t been freaking out in my face over it, I might have remembered that Katherine and everyone else? They had no say in the matter of who a Strider kinfolk was involved with. Only I had that say and if people hadn’t been busy trying to tell me otherwise, this might have all been avoided.”

“As to Stefan…” She frowns. “Lemme just say this. She’s with that guy because she’s tired of being alone, and she’s tired of being in pain. The guy she loves is dead. The guy she knows will take care of her is at her side, but it’s not love. It’s feeling like she’s less than worthless and needing someone who tells her otherwise. I know you’re hurting, and I know you’re angry. And I get that. But there’s another side to this story that I don’t think you get.”

[Eve] “Oh,” she says, and at that point… it’s oddly calm. Disturbingly calm. The candy goes in her pocket, and she observes the ragabash, “then logically speaking, you’re taking responsibility for the fact that my packmate is dead and your kin is traumatized. Is that correct? I never mentioned Katherine or any rulings that she made during the course of my argument, so I am unsure as to why her ruling is pertinent beyond referencing precedent.”

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “I didn’t say you did. I’m saying that other people got on me about what she’d do. And yes, that got me turned around and probably made the whole damn thing more secretive than it needed to be.”

She pauses. “But what they left town over had nothing to do with them being secret. John found out that someone Amy started to get involved with before him hit her in Crinos form, and he flipped out and killed a cop. There was a warrant out for his arrest, and that’s why he fled the city. Amy went with him. She didn’t make him break your pack link…she didn’t even know it ~was~ broken, far as I know, until well after he did it.”

She sighs. “Fact of the matter is, Eve. John’s death wasn’t anyone’s fault. Maybe a lot of people did little things that contributed. If others hadn’t gotten me turned around, if I had tried to stop Amy from seeing him and then tried to make it secret, if Amy hadn’t been with him, if someone else hadn’t hit Amy, if John hadn’t killed that cop, if he hadn’t severed the pack link. If he hadn’t come back to town to see her. If Defiance had tried to track him down after he left. If you want to blame someone, you have a lot of people who did things that contributed.”

“But the truth is, it’s the fucking Wyrm who killed him. Whether it happened from Peoria to Chicago, or in New Mexico, or Grant Fuckin’ Park. The Bane that possessed him was what killed him. And if you’re pointing the blame anywhere else, it’s only because you can’t be angry at something that’s already gone.”

[Eve] “… and I blame all of them, Sarita. Humans for being oblivious, my pack for not being there in time, myself for not trying hard enough, you for your excuses, and Amy for being a catalyst. And even John, for not having the sense to know better. Blaming the wyrm is easy, but we let it into our hearts anyway.

“I hate you all. And I am not ready or willing to forgive everyone yet.”

She is silent for that time. She lifts up her bag of M&M’s.

“I need to go give these to John,” she says.

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] She sighs. The expression on her face is clear, that she’s worried for Eve. She’s probably a little angry too, that the woman seems intent on hating everyone around her. But Sarita is not a creature of high rage…that helps the other emotions to express more. She just sighs, and nods.

“Go on, chica. I won’t keep you. I hope you come to terms with it soon before it destroys you.”

[Eve] “Don’t worry,” she says, “you can always make more metis.”

With that blasphemous note, she heads on her way.

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] She blinks, then shakes her head.

“Fuck’s sake.” A sigh and then she’s on her way to Perun.