Visiting The Condo For the First Time

[Amunet] She’s given her sister directions to the building, one of the high rises on the Mile that suited Stefan’s preference for the security of double digit floor numbers.

Drinks are already poured, and she’s clearly nervous as she waits for Sarita to arrive.

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] She pulls the Bitchmobile up to the outside of the place, whistling as she looks up. A little smile hits the duster-wearing Strider, a tank top and jeans underneath. A little grin and she hits the buzzer at the front door.

[Amunet] There’s only a touch of the tinny sound that intercoms bring to someone’s voice, when it comes over the speaker.


[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “Well it ain’t Lindsay Lohan looking for a place to crash on the run from the law.” She smirks. “Open up, chica. Or I’ll huff and puff or some shit.”

[Amunet] A laugh floats through the speaker, and a second later the door is buzzed open.

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] She slips inside, hitting the elevator and waiting in their as it takes her up. Not long after, she’s knocking on the front door.

[Amunet] The door yanks open instantaneously. She grins nervously, stepping aside and gesturing Sarita in.


[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “Hey there hostess.” She grins and slips in, leaning over to wrap an arm around her. “Good to see you…”

She trails off, looking around the place. “Hot damn, girl.”

[Amunet] She hugs her back tightly, nodding with big eyes when she pulls away. “I know, right?”

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “I believe we call this shit ‘Living the Dream.'” She grins as she looks around. “Very nice…I like it.”

[Amunet] “This is insane. Don’t you think it’s insane? What the hell happened?”

Taking Sarita’s arm, she guides her through to the kitchen and waiting drinks

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “It’s a little wacky, yeah.” She follows along, blinking at the kitchen. “I think the Bitchmobile may fit in here.”

[Amunet] “Yeah…. I think it would fit in my closet.”

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “Jesus.” She takes one of the drinks and takes a lean against the counter. “Well…color me officially impressed.”

[Amunet] “You ever think your baby sister would own a condo?” She grins, but it fades quickly. “Well, Stefan owns it, but still.”

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “Hey, y’all are mated. What’s yours is yours and what’s his is yours.” She winks. “And also, no I didn’t. Again with the very nice.”

[Amunet] She smiles a little. “So I get a condo, and he gets a shady past. That’s fair. You want to go sit? It’s too cold for the other balcony.


[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “Yeah, sure.” She nods and gestures for Amy to lead the way.

[Amunet] She links arms with Sarita, leading her back to the couch, television clicked on as she settles in. “So yeah. This is it. Pretty far fucking cry from the house in Bronzeville, hey?”

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “Very far cry.” She settles back and looks over at her. “How are you doing with the transition?”

[Amunet] She takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly. “I’m kind of freaked out. I mean, it’s good, right? I should distance myself from all of that.”

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “I think so, yeah.” She nods. and takes a drink from her glass. “I think this is really good for you, and I’m happy for you too.”

[Amunet] “Esteban would shit himself.”

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “No shit.” She grins at that. “Feels good, don’t it?”

[Amunet] “It feels fucking fantastic.” She nods and grins. “Both of us, you know? We’ve done pretty good.”

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “I know.” She smiles and nods. “Top of the world ma, and all that. It’s nice.”

[Amunet] “How’s everybody at the loft? Not like you’re in the fucking ghetto over there, you know?”

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] She chuckles and shrugs. “It’s okay. Sinclair’s gone for a while…had to run out to deal with family shit in Cali. She’s still with us, just…not here. We also got two new Fangs in the city hanging out there. Brothers.”

[Amunet] “Oh, FANTASTIC.” Her nose wrinkles.

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] She chuckles. “Seriously. One of them is so enthusiastic, it’s painful. The other I haven’t talked to much yet.”

[Amunet] “Next place we go? Fang free. Promise me.”

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “I didn’t know you had a huge problem with Fangs.” She smirks. “Or are you a Shadow Lord devotee already?”

[Amunet] “I’ve had a problem with Fangs ever since St. Louis.”

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “Okay, point.” She nods. “Though in fairness, we didn’t help that sitch any.”

[Amunet] “Still. Call me wary.”

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “Okay, Wary.” She looks at her and grins. “Wary Kahnez…sohvachy?”

[Amunet] She grins again “I don’t know what would have pissed Esteban off more. That I wound up with a Lord, or that I changed my last name.”

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “Six of one, half-dozen of the other Mrs. Karate-sovich.”

[Amunet] “Do you really just not know how to say it, or do you plan on fucking with me until I punch you?”

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “Ehh, little of both.” She grins and takes a sip of her drink.

[Amunet] She pronounces it carefully, then playfully punches her arm

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] She cracks up. “You know I’m still gonna mispronounce it. Sometimes, not even on purpose.”

[Amunet] “Hell, I’m still afraid I’m going to mess it up.”

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “You shoulda made him change his name. Trujillo? Simple.”

[Amunet] “Yeah, but Stefan Trujillo doesn’t sound nearly as cool as Amunet Knezevic.”

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] She pauses, considering. “Okay, admittedly that is pretty badass.”

[Amunet] “See? There’s a method to my madness.”

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “I never said there wasn’t, chica.” She smiles a moment, then her eyes widen. “Oh. So guess who woke me up at NINE in the fucking morning the other day, yelling his ass off?”

[Amunet] Her eyes get big too “Ohgod. Who?”

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “Leon.” She snorts. “Apparently–get this–he was pissed that I quote-unquote ‘put his kinfolk in harm’s way.'”

[Amunet] “The kin that I specifically told to stay the fuck back? The one that Stefan has to cleanse at Nathalie’s expense, because he didn’t bother to do it? THAT kin?”

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “That’d be the one, yeah.” She nods with a smirk. “He was all threatening to take it to Lukas and shit. I bitched him out and hung up on his ass.”

[Amunet] “I would pay good money to see him go to Lukas and explain that.”

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “That was sorta what I told him. Amidst all the cockpunch’s and cuntribbons, anyway.”

[Amunet] She laughs, nearly spitting vodka. “Cuntribbon?”

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “Cuntribbon.” She nods. “Hey, I was woken up at nine in the fucking morning. I am not required to make sense at that time of day.”

[Amunet] “That’s fantastic. That probably confused the fuck out of him.”

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] She rolls her eyes. “He was all playing it off. ‘Myeh myeh myeh, love your language, it’s so unimpressive, myeh myeh myeh.'” She snorts. “Douche.”

[Amunet] “God I fucking hate him. What was I thinking?”

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “I believe you were thinking ‘He’ll keep me from obsessing about John.'”

[Amunet] “Yeah, that’s pretty much exactly what I was thinking. So that worked out” She rolls her eyes. “Jesus I was an idiot.”

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