An Ugly Phone Conversation

[Leon Davenport] Early in the morning, Sarita’s phone will ring, around 9 am

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] It rings four times and would probably go to voicemail if another moment had passed. Finally there’s a click though, and a groggy Strider.

“What the hell time is it?”

[Leon Davenport] “Hello Sarita” He say in a very flat, cold, expresionless voice “How are you doing?”

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “Holy shit.” She doesn’t sound any more awake. The words might as well be an unintelligible groan by the tone, but words they are nonetheless.

“If this is some kind of nightmare where I get woken up again and again by people I don’t wanna talk to, I’m-a find Freddy Krueger and kick his ugly sweater-wearing ass. How am I doing? I’m awake at…” A pause. “Nine in the morning. So not good. What’s up, Leon?”

[Leon Davenport] “Sorry to wake you up” It was so incredibly insincere “Would you mind telling me what happened yesterday, in a cemetary?” He was polite, cordial and very fake.

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “You know, there’s a law somewhere that people are not responsible for their actions for like five minutes after they wake up. So if I were to tell you to fuck off? I’m not responsible for that.”

A pause, and then… “Oh, right. Fuck off.”

[Leon Davenport] “Is that your final answer? Because I will hang up, call your pack Alpha and ask him WHY THE FUCK DID YOU BRING A KIN UNDER MY PROTECTION IN A DANGEROUS SITUATION, KNOWING SHIT WOULD HAPPEN?”

He say clearly not happy “Or do you prefer to cahnge your answer so we can come to an agreement? After all, you did disrespected my territory. And we both know it’s ont a good thing right?”

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] There’s a pause. There’s a long pause. And then she’s awake when she speaks.

“Are you honestly trying to compare Amy and Mickey. Are you fucking serious?”

[Leon Davenport] “No, I’m not comparing it..not exactly. But you did willnigly put a kin under my protection in danger. You knew something bad would probably happen, contrary to the St-Patrick’s event. She didn’t have to be in the cimetary, she shouldn’t have been invited. You want ot get your sister killed. That’s your choice. I have no problems with that. You try to get those I promised to protect killed, now that doesn’t suit well with me

So no, the offense is not the scene, thought yo did get her injured. Not by your hand but still, you should have known better. I want to know. What will you do about it?’

[Leon Davenport] (*the offense is not the same…)

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “Okay, let’s be clear here, you shit-for-brains. I did not get her injured. She was in the back of the group being protected and she chose to go investigate an RV that I ~SPECIFICALLY SAD~ was covered in Banes in the Umbra while I tried to kill a big nasty fucker that looked like steroids was is particular flavor of Slur-Pee. There was absolutely no guarantee of a fight, we were trying to avoid it in fact. So if you try to tell me that I got her injured, that’s like saying that you got someone injured because you took them to a baseball game and they got smacked in the face with a foul ball.”

“FURTHERMORE, cockpunch–one of the other Garou there rushed to her aid very quickly and got her to safety. Then took her back so she could get healed. So please, tell me how I GOT your kin injured. Explain away, cuntribbon.”

[Leon Davenport] “I lvoe your language Sarite…it’s hmmmm how would I put, unimpressive. All right, let’s say you did the good den mother, and put her in the back. Let’s say that you actually did everything in your power so she wouldn’t be injured. I will grant you that.

The question remains…why the fuck was she doing there? You didn’t pbring her to a baseball game, you brought her to a live ammo training exercise. So tell me how was that smart, Einstein?”

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “I brought her to a funeral, you moron. Who the fuck shoots people at a God damned funeral?” She snorts. “For fuck’s sake dickhead, your very own PACK is about turning the city against the Wyrm and using Kin as much as Garou to aid in that struggle. I was there when the purpose was discussed, remember? You guys yourself acknowledged that sometimes, Kin will put themselves in danger for the mission. Mickey chose to risk herself. I think she was insane for doing so, but she did. And when she took that risk, she accomplished a GREAT thing. She protected the veil. She got hurt, and the Garou there DID THEIR JOB. So you have nothing to be pissed about, and I will accept your ‘thank you for keeping my kinfolk as safe as possible on the mission–which had no guaranteed riskm once again–while that kinfolk did exactly what Harrier’s Grace strives to do.’

“You’re fucking reaching here on this one, Leon. I mean, really. Let’s not pretend that there are Glass Walker kin out there doing much more dangerous things to help find the kinfolk hunter, and that you’ve taken the time to call any of the people working with them.”

[Leon Davenport] He listened to her “What Harrier’s Grace is looking to do is using kin’s skills to help against the fight. Not use them in ways there are not trained to. And to be honest, it kinda speak poorly of you and the others if a wounded kin had to help you protect your breach. Seriously.

So you’re right, Mickey did a great thing, the fault is not with her. It’s bringing her in a situation where her skills weren’t necessary. And you did the least you could do, and it was to keep her alive. So congratulation, you’re the best. Fuck you very much

And yes, some kin are doing dangerous thing out there, probably from their home, doing research and all. But anyone bring an untrained Glass Walker kin on the field and I will call them and have a very nice discussion with them as well. Just a reminder, next time you decide to bring a Glass Walker out to hunt the Wyrm, better make sure they’re trained for it and armed. Because a wild shot could probably kill anyone, especially if they’re not used ot firefights or fighting period. If oyu want ot have stupid kin who will fight lbindly, bring some Get Kin.

It’s that too much to ask you, or you think you could at least manage that?”

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] She could argue this all day. All fricking day, and she knows he wouldn’t admit that he was wrong. It’s like talking to a brick wall. “You know what, Leon? I’m going to speak in very slow words. Weee diiiiid nooot gooo theeeere tooo fiiiiight. I can say it in multiple languages if you give me a minute and I can figure out how to work my damn phone to translate shit. I will avoid bringing her on the next raid of the motherfucking Hive. But the bottom line is, I don’t owe you shit, and if you really want to use this as an excuse to get back at me for telling on you to your own fucking Alpha, then fine. Go talk to Lukas. I’ll be there and explain my side, as well as what I believe your true motivations behind it are. Then, we can get the Philodox Elder, ’cause we’ll need to get down to the truth of things. Let’s see who’s still walking by the end.”

“Now, go run along and try to avoid beating on any more kin. You have a LOT of nerve calling ME to yell at me about endangering kin. Douche.”

And yes, she doesn’t give him a chance to respond. She hangs up on his ass.

[Leon Davenport] (and scene over)

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