A Quick Heads-Up To Gina

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] Room 10 has been empty for the last few days, and Gina hasn’t had to deal with the occasional arguments or just conversation, the occasional annoying music or just the sounds of footfalls throw the wall. It’s probably been nice, if rather conspicuous with the way it’s been so quiet. It also might surprise her then, to hear footsteps go up to the room today, the door open. Sarita looks in the room, just checking in. It’s almost like she expects to see her sister there, and this has all been a bad tequila dream.

It’s no dream, though. After a couple of moments, she sighs and shuts the door, moving one down to Room 9. She pauses a moment, and then knocks lightly on the door. “Hey chica…it’s me. You home?”

[Gina McClaren] *Gina is settled on her bed, sheets rumpled around her as she lays on her belly and reads a trashy romance novel. Why not? She had the room to herself, Hatchet moved out several days ago. It had been peaceful, but now her peace was interrupted with a rap of knuckles at her door. A new roomate or – oh. The pikey sighs and sits up, novel shoved under a pillow, responding to the latina’s inquiry with a singsong of her own.*

Aye, ah’m aboot. C’mon en.

*And as she does, Gina’s quick to get to the point, tossing her own inquiry into the mix on the heels of a world weary smile.*

Wha ye need?

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] She opens the door only after Gina says it’s okay, slipping in and shutting the door behind her. Sarita seems tired, but not in the worst way you can imagine. There are people–the Ragabash included–who surmised that she would be completely broken if she was every without Amunet. They’ve been proven wrong as she’s not broken, just a little cracked. She gives Gina a bit of a smile and takes a breath.

“Hey, you. I’m sorry to interrupt, I know you probably just want me to cut to the chase. Got a situation that’s come up. Nothing with you specifically, but you need the heads up.”

It’s said very much in an informative way, not an over-pushing ‘you need to know this’ way. “I got a text from a Fang kin who’s sorta crushin’ on me to let my pack members-to-be know, and I think you and the other Strider kin should as well. Apparently he found out from a Glass Walker kin who’s been missing that something is hunting kinfolk. Maybe Spirals, maybe something else.”

[Gina McClaren] *Her head tilts, watching the trueborn carefully. Something was hunting kin. The pikey’s seen this before, and so her reaction is neither panic nor shock. The little brown woman simply ducks her head in a nod, chewing on a fingernail for a moment before singsonging.*

Well, ah’ll stay close tae home. Ye wan a call en the evenin’s like? Tae account fer me?

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] The offer honestly surprises her. She didn’t expect it from the kinfolk, who obviously has her reasons to not want to be tied down. Then again, Sarita’s also got another kin who doesn’t like the idea of thinking Sarita’s responsible for her. She considers for just a moment.

“You know…if you don’t mind, that would be nice. Maybe just a text or something, if you’re not up for talking with my silly ass a bit each night.” She grins faintly. “Not that I would dislike a call, but whatever’s most comfortable for you. It would just set my mind at ease a bit, y’know?”

[Gina McClaren] Aye darlin. Nae sense ye frettin o’er naethen when ye’ve enough tae fret o’er as et es.

*Granted, moon missing from the night sky these past few days, Sarita was like to “fret” regardless of what a honey-tongued pikey did or didn’t agree to. A momen’t thought, before Dark eyes are narrowing.*

Ye said et were a Glasswalker kin? Wha was captured like?

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “Yeah. Cassie Young, I think he said her name was.”

The Strider frowns a moment, looking over at Gina. “Why do you ask?”

[Gina McClaren] Ah thought glasswalkers didnae wear their ancestors on their faces like? Like ah dae. Sae, wha’ever’s theivin kin cannae be daen et frem look-see alone, aye?

*Uncertain. Her knowledge of Garou lore was shakey at best. Gina leans against the wall and tucks her hair behind her ear.*

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] She frowns. “You’ve got a really good point there. Although, it’s possible that Cassie didn’t actually GET hunted, she’s just found out and then went into hiding. Derek’s text was not the most informative on that front.”

[Gina McClaren] *A nod as she settles back into bed. *

Well ah’ll phone regardless. Ah’ll say ah’m home. every time. Effen ah’m en trouble like, ah’ll say somethen else.

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] She gives a little smile and nods. The gratitude is apparent. “Thanks, chica. I appreciate that…I’ll leave you be.”

She opens the door. “Lemme know if you need anything, ever. I’m always happy to help.”