No Laughter Here

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] After about three rings, it picks up. Sarita’s voice is tired and upset. “Amy’s phone. Sarita talking. Who’s this?” No, she didn’t check the caller ID first, she just answered.

[Leon Davenport] He frowned “Hey Sarita, it’s Leon. CanI talk to Amy?”

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “Ahh. Hey.” A pause. “Give me a moment.” He can here the sounds of people a ways away and beeping noises. She’s clearly indoors somewhere. A door shuts, and she sighs. “Amy can’t talk right now, on account of being drugged up on painkillers. I’m at the hospital right now.”

[Leon Davenport] “What happened?”He asked and there was worry in his voice

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “She went out on her own and got into a fight. A big one.” Sarita takes a deep, slow breath. There’s anger in her voice, and even though her Rage is low, she’s probably made some of the nurses rather skittish. “I’m her emergency contact, so I got called.”

[Leon Davenport] “Why…come on Sarita…tell me”

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “I wish I could tell you for sure. Last night we got fairly trashed, things were fine for the most part. She got angry at the fact that John hadn’t really spelled things out for her and drunk texted him. I took the phone from her. Then this morning she headed out. I got called maybe an hour or two later.”

A pause. “You know, I could ask about the finger-shaped bruises on her arm and the bite mark on her neck and how it may have been signs she’s being self-destructive, but I’m bring nice and not doing so. Because it doesn’t matter. What matters is the fact that she’s here, and she could probably stand to have you here. And, if your friend Owen has that little gift from the gods that certain people of his…persuasion have to make her feel better, that could be handy too.”

[Leon Davenport] He let out a low growl . Was it because of John, or the accusations or everything else? “Look you can ask…And all be honest with you”He said, sounding angry but still in control, she could hear him walk and walk fast, doors opening hard as he make his way somewhere “We had very intense sex ok? She likes it. But for fuck’s sake Sarita, I don’t want to hurt her…really hurt her.

Did she tell oyu that she made me lamost frenzy on her because she took some coke and after flirting and all, just as we were about to fuck, her high dropped she stopped and threw in my face that she slept with John…and you know what..I went out. I was pissed as hell, horny as fuck and had all engine running but I couldn’t hurt her.

I’m ont in love with her, not yet. She put me on edge, she keep throwing those wrenches into our relationship…if we have one. But I still fucking care enough to never put her in any real harm”She could hear a car door slam

[Leon Davenport] (*and I’ll be honest with you…)

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] It’s silent. Completely, dead silent for a good twenty, thirty seconds it seems. Leon may well think that the line has gone dead, or that she’s walked away from Amy’s cell phone.

Then, in a low, almost murderous voice. “She took what?”

[Leon Davenport] “I think it was coke..seemed like it. I wanted ot talk to you about that”The car engine could be heard “I didn’t want to talk to you in fornt of her. She went to the bathroom in the club and came back..more relaxed. SO I stayed with her. Watched over her. There’s a lot of things that I can handle..but I’m worried about the coke”

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “I can’t…” She makes a near-choking sound. “I can’t…” A bit more silence.

“Get here,” she half-growls, half-whines. “She’s in room 354. She’s under the name of Jessica Rivera. Tell them you’re her fiancee, they’ll let you back.” A pause. “You are NOT her fiancee. Just to make that clear. I need…I have to get out of here. Once I see you’ve arrived, I’ll go. Just get here, now.”

[Leon Davenport] “What hospital…and Sarita..what is it? Help me out here. I”m trying to get to know her..trying to help her too dammit. I odn’t want her ot be junkie, ont to end up like she did today. And yeah, I know I”m not her fiancee….not sure I”m anything right now”He say with a low growl “AndI’ll call OWen when i get there..see if he can help her”

[Leon Davenport] (*nor to end up like…sorry for the typos…getting late :P)

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “Right…sorry. Blah Blah General Hospital.” She takes a breath. “I don’t think I can talk well right now. Amy knows how much I hate…powder drugs. They’re utter poison, they ruin lives and they kill people. And I’m trying very hard not to say that you should have told me sooner, because I know that you don’t know how much I hate them.”

She’s speaking in a carefully-controlled voice. She’s clearly only using such good elocution because to do otherwise would be to lose control. “So instead, I’m just going to say that as much as it pains me to not be here, I need to be elsewhere lest I say anything that hurts her more when she wakes up. Hopefully I will have some balance by the time she does, and I will be back. If not…apologize for her and tell her what you told me. She’ll understand why.”

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] [[apologize for me]]

[Leon Davenport] “Look..Ireally didn’t know. Sorry. I jsut don’t want to limit her you know..I want her ot be herself. But from what you told me..herself then to be destructive for her. If..if she really likes me. If she want to see how things can go between her and I, would you mind sitting with me and talk about her. About how we can help her?”

He took a deep breath “I’ll tell her what I otld you when she’s better. In the meantime, I’ll invent some bullshit about Lukas needing you or something. She’ll need rest.. And I should be there in about 10 minutes.”

He paused “And thanks..for telling me all that and letting me see her”

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “No, don’t tell her anything about Lukas. She needs to hear the truth on this, and I don’t want her thinking ANYTHING is more important to me than her. If Lukas told me right now that Chicago itself was about to be swallowed by the Eater of Souls, all I would be thinking about is how go get her hospital bed in the back of my van so I could get her somewhere safe.”

[Leon Davenport] “All right, then I’ll tell her the truth. Better that she hate me then you I guess”Hesay somewhat flatly. He was afraid..well not afraid..but had doubts about how things will turn out. No matter how much he wanted ot work, things sometimes, jsut don’t. Hopefully it wasn’t like that..he’ll see. “Onceshe’s safe, I’m going to find whoever hurt her and rip them apart”He said, dead serious

[Leon Davenport] (*than you)

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “I’ll be right there with you.” She takes a breath. “I’ll have my phone on me. I’m leaving hers here. And I probably won’t be far. Later.”

[Leon Davenport] “All right, text me your number in case. My number should be in her phone”He say “I hope you’ll have calmed down before she wakes up. I’d like you to be there as well. See you shortly.”He say, letting her hang up when she was ready

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “I’ll text you, sure. Call me when she wakes if I’m not there.” *Click*

A text comes through moments later, with Sarita’s number.

[Leon Davenport] He saved her number and prayed to Gaia thatAmy would be all right..if not whoever did it will not jsut die…he/she/it/they will die painfully and horribly

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