Hello, Officer…

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] She’s out late, having gotten a little case of wanderlust. She has a lot on her mind, and sitting at home doing nothing but staring at the walls wasn’t helping her any with it. So instead, she’s in the park, leaning against a light pole and staring at the sky. Yeah, that was a smart move, girl. Really fucking helped.

The Strider is dressed in her usual get-up, her duster flapping a bit at a small breeze. She lights up a cigarette, taking the drag in and holding it, then exhaling slowly into the air. She watches the smoke dissipate into particles, and then nothingness. Something about that is amusing to her, and she chuckles slightly.

[Derek Anderson] He was walking in the park, hands in his pockets. He was a tall muscular man, about 6’3″/6’4″, with short blond hair, kind blue eyes and a charming smile. He was dressed in jeans, boots and a warm winter jacket. He was walking in long easy stride, looking pretty graceful for a man his size. He noticed Sarita from afar and tilted his head, wondering what looked like to be a gorgeous woman was doing alone there. Prostitution was almost out of question. There just wasn’t enough people passing by for it to pay enough, he guessed. Being alone like that seemed ot him liek a sure way to get attacked,and the cop in him had to make sure she was ok.

He came closer and the woman was definatly gorgeous, with her exotic features. Now that he was closer, he noticed something about her, something about her presence. It wasn’t as strong as with some others but it was definatly there. Well she definatly doesn’t need to fear an attack, he had a feeling she could defend herslef quite well. So he slowed down and offered her a nod “Good evening”hesay in a deep, warm voice, as she probably could smell his pure brteeding.

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] She looks over at him, shaking out of her own thoughts long enough to give him a quick onceover. Her head tilts to the side, a brow raising as she picks up on the strength of his breeding. The corner of her mouth quirks upward into a lopsided grin and she gives Derek an upward tilt of the head in greeting.

“Well, and a beunos nochas obscuras to you too.” She exhales another drag of smoke, turning to face him. That results in a backward lean on the night pole, which ironically probably makes her look more or less like a hooker, but for her style and the bad location. “You’re new. To me, anyway. What are you doing out in the middle of nowhere at night?”

[Derek Anderson] He smiled “Well you’re right on both accounts..I”m new..and new to you” He say his expression friendly “As for what I’m doing, well I found out I enjoy walking in this park. It’s beautiful, it’s quiet and it has a soothing effect on me at this time of the night. What about you?” He ask in a polite tone. It tone was pretty warm and relaxed when he spoke about himself, but took a more respectful tone when he asked about her.

He took a big hand out of his pocket and offered it to her “My name’s Derek, by the way.” He say with a small smile

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “Sarita.” She takes the offered hand in her own, giving a good solid shake. “Strider. Nice to meet you, Derek.”

When she asks what he’s doing out here, she sighs and looks around. “Much the same as you, really. It’s a good place to think. Well, think and freeze your freakin’ ass off.” She chuckles and shrugs. “I enjoy seeing a little green every now and then. Makes me think of some of the nicer places I’ve been if I look at the certain spots right.” A pause, as she waves her hand vaguely. “You know, without all the manicuring and the big fountain and the benches and shit.”

[Derek Anderson] He gave her a firm professioanl handshake, as if he was used to it. His hand wasn’t calloused nor was it soft. The skin was harder at the bottom of the fingers, inside the hand and his knuckles were rougher too. He listened to her with interest as she spoke of seeing other places and he chuckled at her comment about the decor.

“I’m a SF if you ever wanted to know”He say as she gave him her tribe. “And it’s nice to meet you Sarita. You psoke of travelling, are new here? And where I”ve you been?”He ask, looking at her but not directly in the eyes “Me, I only seen pittsburgh and now here”

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “Pittsburgh, eh?” She nods a little bit. “Passed through there once. Didn’t stay though. I was just on the way.”

She nods when he asks if she’s traveled. “Yeah, I’ve been around. My peeps, we don’t stay in one place very long as a rule. I’ve been…wow. Pretty much all over the States, and up into Canada briefly. Not everywhere, mind, but it’s not an exaggeration to say that I’ve gotten around.”

[Derek Anderson] He smiled to her “That’s pretty impressive. Wish I could od that too sometimes. But I have resposabilities and it doesn’t really allow me to grab a bag and travel all over. To each his or own they say” He shrugh slightly “Feel liek walking with me? Or do you prefer stay here with your thoughts?”He ask her with a smile. He doesn’t seem to be flirting with her, nor out of lack of attraction for her, but maybe..he’s jsut better than that and know his place with a Garu, even one as attractive as her

“We could get a cup of coffe or something too after”He say as he knew he would eventually feel the cold. He wasn’t sure she would, but he could always offer

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] She looks like she’s considering it for a couple moments, and then she grins and nods. “Yeah, sure. I’m totally down for that. Why the hell not?”

Truth to tell, she still had a lot of thinking to do. But sometimes, too much thinking was a bad thing. She needed something to take her mind off of her thoughts before they sunk her, and Derek could work well for that. She pushes off the light pole and takes a drag off her cigarette, starting to walk with him.

“So, what brought you from the city of Three Rivers to Chi-Town?”

[Derek Anderson] He had put his hand back into his jacket pocket and walked with her “A transfer. I wanted to leave Pittsburgh and there was an opening here” He say, looking at her as they walked. He did look ahead once in a while, he had no intention of finding himself meeting a lamp post face first or something.

“Have you been here for long? And what made you stay and just not pass through”

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “Bout a month now.” She shrugs. For her, it’s average…some places, she’d be out by now. But she doesn’t let that out just yet. “My sister and I came through. Never been before, thought it might be a good place to try settling down for a bit. So far, other than insane fuckin’ snow storms, so good.” Well, and the drama, but that’s not the city’s fault. She looks back over at him, looking him up and down once more.

“What do you do?”

[Derek Anderson] He smiled “I’m…a cop” He say, watching her reaction. Some people react strongly, one way or another to what he did. “I got promoted to detective recently” He say with a touch of pride. He was after all young to be a detective. “Well, I heard a few good things about the city.I”m glad you and your sister a liking it as well” He say, walking easilly beside her, shortening his strides to fit with hers

“And you’re right, this winter here is out of the ordinary. I arrived the day before the storm, it was completly crazy”

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “A cop?” She grins at that, which is quickly followed by a chuckle. “That makes sense.” What exactly she means by that isn’t really clear. She looks up to the black sky and shakes her head before she looks back to him. The attitude isn’t mocking of him or belittling, she simply seems amused at the turn of events.

“Congratulations on the promotion. You don’t work vice, do you?”

[Derek Anderson] He shook his head “No not vice. I”m aiming ofr homicide, but right now, I get all the theft and assaultsand stuff liek that. I won’t say the obring stuff, because it’s a lack of respect for the victims..the less glamorous stuff would be a better description.”He say then smiled a little more “Why did you ask about vice? If I had work for them, would I’ve had crossed you path?”

He grinned, jsut teasing her a little. It’s not like he would arrest a GArou after all.

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] The chuckle becomes a legitimate laugh, the sound unrestrained and full. Sarita doesn’t half-ass her laughter. She looks at him sideways. “Probably not. I have a contact that keeps me clear of vice. I just would have advised you not to check my pockets” She throws him a little wink.

“Homicide’s gotta be the way to go. Petty crimes are probably shit to work, and I can imagine it’s a bit of a drag. But it’s not like you don’t do some good there. Everyone needs someone to protect ’em, right?”

[Derek Anderson] He chuckled at her comment about her pockets “I learned long ago, never to check some pockets” He say with a smile “And like I said, the owrk is less glamorous, btu I take it seriously and not jsut a stepping stone to get to homicide. It wouldn’t be fair for those people involved in my case. They deserve justice just as much as murder victims. They are just luckier in a way, because they can still go on despite what happened”

Hedidn’t seem to be in any hurry to exit the park or head for a coffe shop. The woman beside him had a nice presence. He was actually surprised by how easy gonig she was. Siver Fang Garou rarely were that friendly and Tabitha, the only other Garou he has really spoke with here, had been very guarded

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] She doesn’t seem to be in any major hurry to get anywhere specific, but then again the girl is a wanderer; if she had a course set in any but the occasional circumstance, she wouldn’t be Sarita. She nods a little bit at what Derek says, musing about it.

“Interesting point…but in all honesty, you gotta sometimes wonder if the people who are assaulted are the luckier ones. I mean, someone kills you, you’re dead. You ain’t dealing with shit afterward, you know what I mean? Unless you’re one of those poor fuckers who end up in the Dark Umbra, anyway. You wake up in the hospital after a bunch of skinheads decide you’re worthy of a hate crime, you’re dealing with a lotta pain for a while. Maybe your whole life if you get crippled. So really, who’s the lucky one?”

She doesn’t say it in a maudlin way at all; she’s not trying to get all emo on him. She’s just musing philosophically…or it would seem such, anyway. She looks over at him, curious as to his response.

[Derek Anderson] He nods “I see your point. And yes, surviving a rape, gang beating, racist or religious violence, losing motor fonction, an eye or anything is awful. “he scratched the back of his head “I always had the feeling that if you’re alive, you can still work ot make your life better..no matter what happened to you, how much shit you’ve been through. When you die, you die..it’s game over, there’s no continue.”

He took a deep breath “Then again, I”m healthy, I”m fit, my life is going well, so maybe I can get in the head of someone who hit the bottom of the barrel. Or can’t imagine well enough how I would react if I was crippled, unseless to the force…or the nation”he say the last word very softly. There wasn’t people around, but you never know right?

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] She stops as he talks, head cocked as she listens. Her smile grows by a degree as she hears him give his perspective on it, brown eyes warming a touch as well. When he offers counterpoint, the smile grows even more, and she looks up to the sky a moment before sighing and looking to him with a nod.

“That’s a damn good answer…Detective Anderson.” It’s clear by the grin in her voice that the use of his title isn’t because she’s formal, although that was probably already obvious. Nor does it sound mocking of the title. Just a good-natured change in how he is referred to in her mind. Everyone needs a nickname. “You pass.”

[Derek Anderson] He smiled warmly at her. He hadn’t tried to impress her or needed her approbation. Yet getting it, gave him a nice feeling of pride. After all which man doesn’t like to have a gorgeous woman smile at him that way, and which kin doesn’t look, at least a little, to be ntoiced by a trueblood.

“Thank you Ma’am”He say and fake tipping his hat at her. “You made me question something i believed in and made me saw something else. I really thank you. Sometimes some people are too set in their own ways that they become blind. Especially cops And that makes them dangerous instead of useful”he say, standing where they stopped, looking down at her as he was taller, yet never in her eyes

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “Hey, it’s what I do.” Literally…they just passed her moon phase, after all. She nods a little, looking around the park as she considers. “It’s funny that you say that…and it’s true. People get in ruts, and that does make for problems. It’s important that the boat gets shaken every now and then, and the unexpected happens. It may not always be fun and an easy ride, but without it…well. You get stuck in stasis, and that’ll drive you mad.”

There’s something deeper in what she’s saying. The Ragabash isn’t known for being a deeply serious woman; she tosses out pop culture references left and right and loves her banter more than most. But when it happens, she takes it damn seriously. She sounds like she’s talking about something more personal than pure philosophy. After a moment she sighs, takes the last drag off her cigarette and flicks it into a nearby ashtray.

“Everyone could stand to remember that from time to time.” She looks at him with a grin. “Yours truly included.”

[Derek Anderson] He listened to her with attention. Was it because she was a woman, a Garou or simply because he cared when someone spoke to him? She didn’t know him enough to know the real answer, but fact was, he was attentive. He smiled slightly when she grinned and mentioned that herself could use her own advice. He let her words hang in hte air for a moment then slowly moved ot start walking again

“Has something happened to yourecently? Want to talk about it?”He ask, looking almsot into her eyes. He didn’t really need to know what happened, what he wanted was to have her talk, confide might be too strong a word, but jsut let it out if she needed to. Sometime having someone to listen, even a stranger..heck some prefers stranger..and give you perpesective lead to a better rest, with a calmer mind

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] She looks as if she considers it for a moment, but then shrugs. She doesn’t know him that well yet, and somethings are just a bit too personal to share with a guy you just met. Instead, she throws him an enigmatic smile.

“Just…been in a comfortable rut for a while, and somethings thrown me out of it.” She shrugs. “I could blame the people involved, but that wouldn’t make any sense. Any way I go now will put me out of the rut, and that’s the good news. I just have to be ready to accept that things may happen that I don’t think I’m ready for. If they shouldn’t happen…” She shrugs. “I have options. But if it’s for the best, then I need to get over myself and let it happen.”

Yes, that’s about as vague as it can be. Still, it somehow feels like she’s confessing an intimate secret. For her, it may well be one just to say what she has.

[Derek Anderson] He walked with her very slowy as she spoke, his attention on her. She had been vague, but it was ok with him. She was talking, almsot conessing it seem, and maybe it will do her some good. He hoped so. He thought about her words for a moment “Well if things happens that you aren’t ready for, at least youdon’t have to face them alone right? You have your sister..maybe friends. If all fails you know a cop…I can arrest anyone that annoys you..even if they don’t deserve it”He say with a playful smile. Of course he wouldn’t do that, not really. He hate abusing his authority, unless it was to help another Kin or a Garou

“Anything I can do to help, seriously, other than buying you coffee?”he ask, geuinly offering his help. For no other reason that if he oculd help her, he would.

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] She considers as he talks, nodding a little. When he makes the joke about arresting people who annoy her, she grins. It’s a full-on, Cheshire-style grin. She looks at him with amusement twinkling in her eyes.

“No, no. I appreciate it…and maybe some other time. But for now, coffee would be wondrous, thank you. That’s just about what I need to set me right for now.”

[Derek Anderson] He nodded to her “All right, I’m glad this will help. If you need anything though, I’m pretty sure you will be able to find me” He said with a smile. He didn’t offer ot give her his number, not yet..she didn’t know him at all after all. And probably not ever. That’s really forward to hand a Trueblood your number unless they ask ofr it. If she need it, he has no fear she will let him know. If she doesn’t ask and need him, well eventually enough Garou and kin will know him or she can always call the station

He start to head toward a Starbuck’s, simply because at this hour, most local coffee shop were closed.

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] And off to the Starbucks they go. [[Finite!]]

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