The Social (Pack) Network

[Matthieu] The invitation was extended to Owen as well as Leon(Though he might be looking to arrive later) to meet in a medium sized warehouse in the Lake View area. Matthieu’s car was the only thing parked out there and a large garage door was left open. Row upon row upon row of shelves were left empty within and up on one side was the raised office which floated above the warehouse and allowed the boss(and guests) a chance to look out over the facility.

Matthieu was overhead leaning against the railing at the top of the stairs. He was dressed in the finest attire that money could buy. Each and every threat of clothing matched to his exacting specifications. Matthieu always seemed to tower over others even when they were on the same level but this only seemed fitting that a Silver Fang might find the highest place in the building in which to stand just to display himself in all his radiant magnificence.

[Owen DeTerizzi] *Matthieu was displaying himself in all his resplendence and royal breeding when a long haired man walks with casual purpose through the garage door. This was not Leon. Therefore, it was either a very very angry bum, or Owen. Long fingers tease through dark hair as the theurge takes stock of the warehouse, before raising strange green eyes to the Fang on his pedestal. A gruff nod as breeding slaps him in the face. This could only be Mattheiu. A low rumbling tenor echoes through the empty space.*

Matthieu. I’m Owen. Leon’s hung up in a meeting.

*Abrupt and to the point, approaching with a raised hand in greeting as tan work boots sound on the catwalk.*

[Matthieu] Matthieu adjusts his position, and with it his cuffs before finally presenting a hand out and the most charming smile he can bring to bare.”Yes I’ve heard mention of you from Leon and I must say I am delighted to finally get the chance to meet you in person.”He says with a little grin.

“I suspect Leon has taken some time to speak to you about what he and I spoke of in our last meeting?”He asks before turning.”Come let’s get to the office.”He says leading to the door and into the rather spartan office.”Would you like some juice?”He asks as he walks to the refrigerator.”I am sorry this place hasn’t been stocked yet… Corporate expansion and all. We needed a larger warehouse in the city.”He says as he pulls out a bottle of applejuice.

[Amunet Trujillo] She’s late. Fuck only knows where Sarita is, but it isn’t where she thought they were supposed to be. This whole Leon thing is going to blow up in her face. She hurries to the address that was given to her after yet another text to Sarita of the ‘Jesus fuck where the fuck ARE you?’ variety.

[Owen DeTerizzi] *Owen’s calloused palm meets the Fang’s own, and the galliard’s charming smile is met with a slight quirk of lips. A smile, if one was being generous. Matt’s eyes are met for a fraction of a second, then the glasswalker averts his gaze. Still, there is strangely little of submission in the act, the theurge hardly seeming meek.*

No Juice.

*Not meek, but hardly chatty either. Matt is watched as his guest settles into a chair comfortably. Nowhere near as stylish as his ahroun counterpart, Owen was dressed simply. Jeans and a cable knit olive sweater.*

Leon spoke to your willingness to form a pack not directly related to scouting or striking. A pack for the city and sept both.

[Amunet Trujillo] Dark warehouse. Random cars. Very few lights on. Sure, this situation is obviously, perfectly safe. She parks and hops out of the car, moving far better tonight than she has been. After doing a quick check to see what or who may be around, she heads into the warehouse.

[Owen DeTerizzi] [oh yeah. nightmares?]
Dice Rolled:[ 5 d10 ] 1, 1, 3, 3, 8 (Failure at target 6)

[Matthieu] He nods his head as he returns to the table. His eyes looking ahead. The bright lights in the warehouse were welcome enough for anyone outside the office though the rows upon rows of open shelves implied the place was not yet open for business. Matt hadn’t yet noticed the kin scampering around below.

“That was the intention… I mean we all fight but sometimes the battle itself choses to take a path that differs greatly from what Garou have come to expect. This is the modern world, after all, and few battles, if any, are fought with tooth and claw these days.”

[Amunet Trujillo] Her boots announce her presence, the click of the heels echoing through the cavernous room and floating up to alert the men in the office to her presence.

[Owen DeTerizzi] Many battles are fought with tooth and claw. I leave that to those suited for them however. I’m better with plants than people, better with spirits than boardrooms or computers.

I have a vision of a city and sept harmonious and self-sufficient. The best of weaver and wyld together.
If I can help you, and you can help me, this pack will suit me. Leon’s the corporate wolf.

*Curt and to the point. It had been a rough night last night, and while yesterday’s dreamless reprieve had helped, the theurge wasn’t entirely at his best this evening. Would that Leon were here to talk, as he was better suited. Fingers rub across Owen’s temple as footfalls echo from below, head craning that way in question.*


[Amunet Trujillo] The tone of the steps change as she moves from the concrete floor to the metal stairs, each one taken with a slight pause before she hits the next.

[Matthieu] He listens to Owen with a smile and his eyes open just a little wider. He seems ready to speak when company is mentioned. Matthieu turns to look out the window and his smile slowly grows. He walks to the door and calls out to the woman.”Up here… Are you one of the women Leon mentioned?”He asks Amunet with a charming little smile.

“Come on up and join us in the office. I was just getting warmed up.”He says before returning inside.”We will let our guest get settled in and then I will continue. If you don’t mind waiting that is?”

[Amunet Trujillo] Glancing up at the voice, her steps speed up a little. Getting to the top, she gives Matt a slight smile and pushes her hair back with her fingers.

“Yeah, I’m Amy. Sorry I’m late…”

[Matthieu] He shakes his head holding the door open for her as she enters before letting her step past and closing it behind her.”Think nothing of it… This wasn’t a formal meeting or anything.”He adds with a little smile.”I was just beginning to speak with Owen. Have the two of you met?”

He shakes his head and rolls his eyes.”Where are my manners?”He presents a hand out to the kin.”I am Matthieu Louvel de Ponthieu. It is a pleasure to meet you face to face miss..?”The question intended to get a name out of the woman.

[Owen DeTerizzi] We’ve met.

*Amy. Leon’s current pupil and Owen’s most recent headache. The theurge’s lips purse wry as the opinionated kinfolk walks into the room, her blood fairly singing with promise of jackal headed warriors and Egyptian ancestors past. Amy gets a nod of his head as he pushes out a seat for her with the toe of his boot.*

[Amunet Trujillo] Owen. Fuck. Maybe he won’t remember?

“Amunet Trujillo. Amy.” She shakes his hand, offering a bright, confident smile before looking Owen over quickly and nodding. “Hey.”

[Matthieu] He nods his head.”Excellent… Well if you don’t mind taking a seat I will continue.”The decorations were rather empty. There was a small kitchen area though it wasn’t well stocked either. There was a large table in the room with chairs but little else at the moment.

“Would you like some juice Amy? We don’t have much but I’ve only recently leased this place and haven’t had time to arrange for proper accommodations.”

[Amunet Trujillo] “No, I’m fine thank you.” She takes the seat that Owen offers, settling in and crossing her legs.

[Owen DeTerizzi] *Owen’s phone vibrates, and being the filthy Urrah that he was, he hauls it out of his pocket, punches a response, and looks back up to the Galliard.

Silent and vaguely unsettling.*

[Matthieu] He glances at Owen and then to the phone and then back to Owen. A slight smile growing before looking at Amunet.”This is a city is it not? I mean we have this past as brave and dangerous warriors but let’s face it todays warriors are not the same as yesterdays warriors. We need them less and less… The need for the Garou to fight with tooth and nail declines when our major battles and losses are occurring in City Hall, and Courtrooms no?”He asks the other two.

“So my hope is simple… We take control of Chicago. Physically, Spiritually, Mentally. This city is it’s people and if we can control it’s people then we can control this city and if the city is under our control then this city. Our city… Becomes our weapon.”

[Amunet Trujillo] “So you want to take over the world, is what you’re saying? Cultivate influence and then exert that influence when necessary? What happens when we need to fight?”

[Owen DeTerizzi] We fight.

*Owen’s attention – distracted as it was by the shine of his I-phone – veers towards Amunet, strange green eyes focussing on the strider’s features carefully. Long fingers steeple as he leans forward and explains gruffly.*

We all fight. Kin and Garou alike. Equal respect for equal effort. But we try to fight with intelligence and planning. Use our resources.

*That gaze slips from the kinfolk to the regal fang at her elbow. An eyebrow raising in silent question.*

Tooth and claw might be rare for us, but if all else fails, we will have them as a resource as well, if needed.

[Amunet Trujillo] “I don’t have a problem fighting. I think you know that.” She looks Owen over again.

[Matthieu] He shrugs his shoulders.”I am Garou… I am not incapable of handling myself in a Fight… I am also looking to recruit Leon as a Full Moon he too would likely even outshine myself in a fight. When we need to fight we will fight… But our focus would not be on the front lines. Our focus would be elsewhere. We would be the ones pulling the police away from the scene of the crime. When someone slips… We would deal with their mess. When something gets out that shouldn’t we would be the ones who recover it.”

“When a company comes to town and purchases the territory of a pack from under their noses… It would be we who have our agents meet them in the courtroom and bind them up in litigation to the point where they throw their hands up in surrender.”

“The world of today is different. The war of today is a different animal and the Garou must be prepared to adapt with it. I am a Silver Fang, and I am a Traditionalist but I am also a realist. Without resources, influences, and some form of a hold upon this city we are little more than vagrants trying to fix a city overrun with a disease that devours entire city blocks within hours.”

“Our fight will be on the modern battleground… Our victories will not be as bloody as some but we will hit our enemies wqhere it hurts them most of all. We will hit them with changes in city polities… We will hit them with protests from the poor… We will hit them with court dates and perhaps even attacks on their servers? We will hit them with the very weapon they use to overwhelm us. When we control this city it ceases to be a blight upon the surface of Gaia and becomes a very large and very dangerous boot which we use to crush our enemies beneath.”

[Owen DeTerizzi] *Amy’s looking at the side of Owen’s head, and his eyes flick to hers briefly, but his attention is dedicated to the other garou in the room. Leon had a vested interest in the girl, Owen at this point did not. Perhaps should she become linked to the pack. Until then, she was his neither to teach, nor protect. A nod of Owen’s head to Matt.*

You speak mainly of ways to control the city. What of having it flourish? It is as dynamic as a jungle and Chicago is an entity all its own. What of improvement?

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] It’s not difficult for those inside the warehouse to hear Sarita coming. The VW Bus blasting “Raise Your Glass” by Pink announces that much. Sarita pulls her vehicle of choice up to the outside of the warehouse and plays a few moments longer before the sound dies. Not long after, the Ragabash’s long and quiet stride takes her into the warehouse.

Get it? Stride? As in Strider. And the strides are silent. Because the tribe….oh, shut the fuck up. You wouldn’t know funny if it hit you in the fucking face. No, Jay Leno is not “funny,” sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up. Speak up again when you have a sense of humor.

Ahem. Sorry about that. Anyway, Sarita comes into view, dressed in a T-Shirt that says “Sorry about what happens later” across it and a pair of black jeans underneath her ever-present duster. Her steel-toed boots complete the outfit. She walks inside, calling out as she does.

“C’mout, c’mout, wherever you aaaaare…” It’s a fairly good impression of DeNiro from Cape Fear.

[Matthieu] He peeks out when he catches sight of Sarita and he smiles once more then walks to the door and opens it.”Come on up we’re just getting started…”He calls down to her with a little smile. Wanting to make certain everyone is here to listen as well as contribute.

The call comes from the office up the stairs that overlooks the warehouse. Matt’s charming little grin was hard to make out from so high above the others.

He returns a moment or two later before giving Owen a little smile.”The city will improve with our guidance… That certainly doesn’t need to be gone into until we have opened it up and managed to gain some degree of control. From there we can begin to institute changes and pave the way for a better city and perhaps open up areas to gaia’s influence.”He says with a smile.

“I am, however, a Galliard my skills are with words and knowledge. I would hope that you would handle the mending and repairing of the city from a spiritual side. Gaining not only the Favor of the people of the city but the city itself. With it all of us live and grow. Becoming an important part of Chicago itself no?”

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] She looks up and nods before climbing the stairs, skipping two out of every three steps, throwing the door to the office open when she gets up. She leaps in with arms spread wide. “Ta-DA!”

She gives a Cheshire grin and looks around, nodding. “S’up, my homies?” She drops into a seat next to Amy, putting her feet up.

[Owen DeTerizzi] *Again, they have company. This time the bearded theuge doesn’t shift to look at the owner of the voice. He sits patiently and waits – this was no doubt the strider that Leon had mentioned. Long haired is gathered in his hand and held in a ponytail at the nape of his neck, the only outward sign of his impatience. A leaf caught in thick waves, unnoticed as Sarita hops into the room with theatrics.

Owen raises his calloused palm and nods his head in hello. Low tenor rumbling gruffly.*

You must be Amy’s sister.

[Leon Davenport] The black lexuswas parked and exited in a hurry. Stupid business meetings that stretches for hours. He growled softly at how annoy he felt right now. He made his way straight upstairs, giving his name if needed. He took the time to calm down slightly during the elevator ride, breathing slowly, but unable to let all of it go. Mixed with his rage, that feeling he had right now made him look and feel more intense than usual. He opened the door of the office looking around.

He made a dashing figure in a dark grey suit fitting his athletic frame nicely with a blue shirt matching his piercing blue eyes. Blond hair was styled as usual, face clean shaven for now. He walked in, offering a respectful nod to Matt, a polite smile to Sarita, a warmer one for Amy and a friendly ndge and smile for Owen when he stopped beside the Theurge “Good evening all, sorry for being late”He say, looking at them.

[Matthieu] He smiles to Sarita.”Have a seat and welcome… I was just beginning our conversation.”He says with a little smile.”Hopefully Leon will be along Shortly. At least that much is the hope, but either way come in and have yourself a seat. I am Matthieu and this is Owen, and this is Amy. I don’t know who all knows one another but we may as well get past invitations.”

[Amunet Trujillo] “Hey Sar.” She doesn’t look entirely comfortable, and that only increases when Leon arrives. Returning his smile with as charming of a rendition she can manage, her eyes flicker between the three Garou men as her hands fidget in her lap.

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “Well, only if I must be,” she says to Owen with a grin. She looks at Matthieu and nods. “Okay. Amy I know pretty well. Being my sister and all.” She winks. “Rest of you, hey.”

And then Leon comes in, and she looks over at him with a little smirk. “Hey there L-Train. Whassup?”

[Amunet Trujillo] “Owen is the one that I almost had the fight with the other night.”

[Owen DeTerizzi] *Leon nudges the his tribesmate, and whats more shocking is that he gets away with it. Owen even gives what might pass as a smile as he’s jostled, and kicks out a seat for the ahroun to sit nearby. A finger raises to the Silverfang, Glasswalker eager to get to business as he rumbles.*

Leon has been kept abreast of the conversation by text. Please continue, if you had more to say Mattheiu.

*Amy speaks on nearly having a fight with him, and the long haired theurge raises an eyebrow in flat surprise, before looking to Leon. *

[Leon Davenport] Leon sat in the offered seat, looking at Owen with smile and slight shake of his head. Forget about it, it seem ot say. Thery could always talk about the comment later, right now, there was business to be done. He didn’t know who heard what so he look at Matthieu with a smile, letting him continue. He had nothing to add to what Owen had written him about the meeting. Maybe he will speak up if Sarita and Amy have questions.

So for now, he sat, his attention mostly on Matthieu once his eyes has taken the office in, spotting the exit, windows if any and potential palces for cover if trouble arise.

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “Oooh, right.” She nods to Owen, seeming to hold nothing against him over it. Sarita herself almost gets in fights with Amy on a semi-daily basis, after all. She gives Owen a smile, then leans back as her attention turns to Matthieu, listening to what he has to say with a bit of a smile.

[Matthieu] He nods his head.”My point was honestly rather straight forward. It matters not our strength of arms… It matters not the courage in our hearts… It matters not our will to succeed if we simply do not have what it takes to achieve success in this city. We must adapt to the modern day… We must expand the resources and holdings of the sept on every level.”

“Out there on the street right now are eyes, ears, and cameras everywhere… Recording all manner of information. Through the cables limitless amounts of knowledge is traveling at the speed of light. All that information, and all that knowledge… Every man on the police force, every lawyer, every politician, every man on the street washing windows for spare change, every pimp and prostitute, every young father or aging single mother… Every soldier coming home from his tour. Every teacher in every school… Every man driving a boat… Every dog on the street, every bird in the sky, every spirit lurking in the shadows. All of it is bound and tied together and all of it is here because Gaia has willed it to be so. Whether they know it or not… They are all a part of this war. Every moment of their lives and our own hinges upon our success.”

“We can continue to fight the Wyrm on it’s own terms or we can choose to make use of the resources available to us. We take control of Chicago and we turn her into Gaia’s most potent weapon against the Wyrm. We become the support network that allows our soldiers to take the fight to the enemy. We watch every corner… We make sure no garou must die alone. We take this fight to a new level. Perhaps it is not as glorious and amazing as life on the front lines but no army can function without a solid support base. Without countless resources behind it. We have ourselves, and we have our cities kin. We have the means to orchestrate an order both complex and grand beyond the scope of any one man or any one pack. We have the means to turn an entire city into Gaia’s most potent weapon. Every living thing in this city turned towards one purpose against a common enemy. Whether they know it or not… This is their fight too and with them we can win it.”It was a speech, it was a Galliard speech and it was the kinda thing that he likely practiced before attempting to give it. Still… He wanted others to understand the importance and what lay at stake here and what his idea truly was.

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] She listens, shooting a couple looks over to Amy, and then around the room to judge everyone else’s thoughts. When Matthieu is done, she simply raises her hand.

[Matthieu] He nods his head towards Sarita.”Question?”

[Owen DeTerizzi] *Sarita gets a slow nod of his head, errant leaf slipping a little further down in his hair. Lets face it. Owen hardly looks like a brawler. Sure, he cuts a rather chiseled from underneath that tight olive sweater, but that was from a lifetime surfing and running. He’s lean and relaxed and somehow not entirely present even though he’s sitting not 3 feet away from the pair of gorgeous striders.

Attention swings back to Matt as the Silverfang speaks in prose, and then more, and then again, as a galliard is wont to do. Theurge listening. Comprehension clear on his features as he looks to Leon and nods once in approval. That done, he looks to the Ragabash with an expression of mild curiousity.*

[Leon Davenport] He lsitende to Matthieu and is expression while still being intense, also convey the fact that he’s agreeing with the man. He wasn’t here to be swayed, he was here to help Matthieu sway the others if the needed to be. He was doing a pretty good job so far. He figured he would let Matthieu handle the society part, he would handle the action part for those who mgiht need info about how they would distinguish themselves in front of the Nation

His eyes went to Sarita, a small smiel on his lips when she raised her hand

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “A couple, yeah.” She slips her feet off the table and stands, popping a cigarette into her mouth and lighting up. They were going to have to get used to her bad habits if they did indeed end up being packed. She paces a little.

“You got a good plan here, but far be it from me if I didn’t do my job and played Devil’s Advocate. Working the human angle is good. I like that. You gotta hit the Wyrm from every possible angle, and they sure as hell won’t expect it considering it’s their strength, and they always expect us to hit their weak points. Sometimes you gotta attack with your pawn, just to make your opponent go ‘What the fuck’ and throw them off their game. So I like what you’re getting at here.

“That said,” she added after a breath, looking around. “I see some problems. First off…how much influence do we have? I’m brand new to the city. So is Amy. I know that Leon said he was, too. Matthieu, Owen, you guys will have to let me know, I’m not sure. So it’s gonna be a very slow-going process.” She shrugs. “Not a bad thing, just something that needs to be pointed out. Building influence on a level that can combat the Wyrm will take a lot of time and effort. before we have the city acting as one against the Wyrm.”

She takes a breath and continues. “Second, we do have the influence of kin to go off of. That’s good, but we’re gonna have to be careful about that. Some people are protective of their kin and territorial, and won’t like the idea of us putting them in danger. And make no mistake, they will be in danger. I like it. I do. But it needs to be spelled out to them, and those whose protection they are under.

“Finally, I got one point to make. The Curse may well work against us. No offense guys, and it’s not a bad thing 99 times out of 100, but I get the feeling some of us make the norms a bit sketchy. An Ahroun, a Galliard…those are set to doing just that. Again, these aren’t insurmountable, but they are things that need to be hashed the hell out before we start window shopping for totems.”

[Matthieu] His smile brightens and his eyes sparkle just a hint as the woman begins speaking. His head nodding slightly and his certainty showing through as he leans back against a counter.

“As I see it we have influence in this city. However I don’t know the degree to which that influence is interconnected. We need to determine how we can best organize and orchestrate. This will take a period of learning for all of us. Poking around and trying to find what resources are available both to use as well as the sept.”He holds his hand up and puts one of three fingers down as he speaks.”That would be the first phase in seeing to the pack’s success.”

“You are also right.”He says as he puts a second finger down.”That we do not wish to step on any toes. Any kin who carry out missions for us will do so of their own volition. Any who choose to live with and work with our pack on a day to day level will be assumed to be under our care. Should they die in our care measures will be taken to appease their tribes. If a tribe does not wish its kin to take part in our operations then that kin will be secluded.”He gives a charming little grin.”It’s really not a large issue when we are actively putting the kin to work. By and large the intention is not to be sending them into battle but to be making the best use of their greatest strengths.”

The third finger drops.”And that is why we will be making use of kin to this degree. Not all humans can handle or deal with our kind. So they will be our go-betweens, our harbingers and messengers. Any who cross them will have to deal with those who they represent. In this way the curse becomes our weapon, we utilize their fear, or their greed, or if possible their raw lust to pull them into our corner and through our Kin we execute our plans.”He smiles just a hint.

“But even then these are hardly large obstacles. People will put up with a large amount of discomfort when money, power, and success are on the line. We collectively seek to improve our position and the position of the sept and through our agents most of our day to day affairs are handled. We in turn focus our attention on the protection and well being of those under our protection as well as matters our kin cannot handle themselves.”

[Leon Davenport] He listened to Sarita raising out good points and nodded as Matthieu answered her doubts. He didn’t know if the Silver Fang’s reply would appease Sarita but he did think Mathieu was right. They would work closely with kin, have them be a part of the dynamics surrounding the pack. And all of them didn’t want to put kin in unecessary danger. They will be exposed to it. SOme will die, as will members of the future Pack. You can’t have a war without casualities.

Still by working in the shadows, they might actually add a few years to their lives, so they could do good longer and also by choosing hteir fights smartly, they will increase their success rate. Not a bad deal when you think about it.

[Owen DeTerizzi] *He’s on board, he’s in agreement, listening placidly to Sarita talk and fulfill her role as no moon without even being in the pack yet. She says “Window shopping for totems” and they can practically ~hear~ the theurge grimace. He glances warily about the corners of the room but remains silent on the subject, instead choosing another as he catches Amy’s reflection in the window.*

Kinfolk are no problem at present until we choose a few specific targets to begin with. We need only accumulate them at current, as willing allies. As to fitting spirits willing to allow us patronage, I’ll begin a search for one that will both have us and help further our goals.

Assuming we’re agreed that there’s an “Our” with goals to… pursue.. .. .

*He’d say more, but the shaggy haired eco-shaman is getting less and less…well… present. A tired expression on his face as he holds the arms of his chair suddenly, only to find himself slipping through the velvet curtain, tugged back by an umbra that guarded him like a clingy lover does her favorite fling. Eyes lambent green as he fades from view, snarl of frustration registering instead as a whispered – *

Fucking hell….Go on withou-

*And like that his chair is empty.*

[Owen DeTerizzi] [thats me using a flaw to get to beeed! 😛 Thanks for play all!]

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] She raises an eyebrow, and looks around at the three–okay, now two–Garou in the room with her, and then she laughs at something. She laughs pretty hard. She slaps the table, and then shakes her head as she gets it under control.

“I’m not…laughing at you…” she says, finally getting it down. “Just…mental image. Never mind.” She takes a breath, then takes a drag off the cigarette to help put a stop to her laughing.

“Okay. Sorry about that. So.” She clears her throat. “All good points. Although you realize you responded to the second concern by saying that kin involvement would be voluntary, and the third by saying we’d be relying primarily on kin, or power, money or sex appeal. Those two combinations–relying largely on voluntary kin whose protecting Garou allow them to work with us–and using the Curse in those limited ways it’s a benefit–all of which have risk, of course–is pretty limiting.”

A pause. “Plus, I ain’t got power and I ain’t got money, though I hear tell I got part three.” A shrug. “Just sayin’.”

[Leon Davenport] He watches Sarita amd smiled. She did have the last one and many kin or humans will feel it. He shifted slightly to get her attention. “You have a point. Our goal is big and will need some expension from the core we are building, bit it’s all part of the slow process you mentioned earlier. We won’t acheive anything overnight. You say you don’t have power or money..that’s right now. But I have a feeling you have you ear ot the street, hear things that Matthieu, Owen or I won’t hear about because we move in other circle.

Maybe that’s where your power and influence will come from. We need a diverse group of Garou and kin to get this going. If we asked you to come, it’s because we know you can bring something to the group, from your wits to the connections you will create in the city” He say, looking at Matthieu to see if he add anything to add

[Matthieu] He shrugs his shoulders.”Can you talk? No one says you have to do anything you’re uncomfortable with but if you can play a part then you are worth your weight in gold to us.”He says with a smile.”I don’t want to imply anything but you are a beautiful woman, and men do all kinds of stupid things for beautiful women without so much as the promise of anything. You stick a beautiful woman in a board room and suddenly every man in there is that much more receptive to whatever it is you are talking about. All you’d have to be able to do is play a part the money and power thing is already covered.”

He shrugs his shoulders.”Barring that… If you can’t talk can you sneak. Can you steal? Can you break into someone’s house at night and dig up dirt that we can use to get him on our side?”He asks her this with a little smile.

“If you can’t do any of those things maybe you can listen? Bring us information crucial to our operations.”

“Surely no matter who you are or what you wish to do we have room and use for you. When I know your talents I am sure I will better have an idea of how you could directly benefit the entire pack. Everyone from every walk of life drawn into this group will have a use and a purpose as important as the rest.”He grins.”The packs collective strengths add to the greater whole and through each individual we grow stronger.”

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] She nods, grinning. “Believe me, I see what you’re getting at. I’m just asking the questions that gotta be asked, to make sure the pack doesn’t hit a crucial point and go all, ‘Shit, now what?'”

She pats Amy’s shoulder [We losted Ange] and looks to the others. “Interesting pack proposition. I can promise you that we’ll definitely think about it.”

[Matthieu] He nods his head.”There will be bumps… There always is. But if executed properly this city will become something far more valuable to ourselves and the sept than anyone could have imagined. It might not be as immediately glorious but over time others too will understand why we chose to walk this path.”

[Leon Davenport] He smiled at the half sisters “Well, like I told you two nights ago, I just wanted you to listen to our proposition. I had afeeling you might be at least interested.” He nodded “I also want to thank you for raising the points you did. I think Matthieu has most angles covered, but looking for flaws and finding it before they become a problem is the smart thing to do. You seem good at that. I hope you will agree to side with us. Take the time you need ot think about it.”

He looked at the empty seat beside him “I’ll aso keep Owen posted about what we discussed after his disapearance. In case he has another point of view on all this”

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] “Any time. Happy to fire my Tommy gun of reason at the fabric of a plan, see where it needs patching up after.”

She gives them all a smile as she and Amy rise to go. “Check y’all later. You guys know where to find us.”

[Leon Davenport] He smoothly got up “Yes I do.”He offer Sarita a smile and his hand “See you around Sarita, take care” He look at Amy with a grin “I’ll call you later” He didn’t kiss her cheek, or hug her or anything. He wasn’t sure where they stood right now.

He didn’t leave right away, jsut in case Matthieu wanted to talk with him

[Sarita Ecos de la Risa] [[Thanks for the scene guys!]]

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